Bardonia Root Canal

Root canal in Bardonia

Bardonia root canal

Bardonia root canal

If the pulp of your tooth, the part that is inside at the base, becomes infected. This happens when bacteria find their way past your tooth’s protective layers. At the office of Louis S. Sinatra, DDS, you can expect gentle, skilled care in the form of our Bardonia root canal.

What are the causes? In order for your tooth’s barriers to be breached, it typically takes the effects of either tooth decay or damage such as a chip or crack. The larger a cavity is, the greater the chance is that it will permit bacteria to get in. Similarly, an older filling can become loose or fall out, and leave an opening. A tiny chip might not expose the tooth, but a serious fracture most certainly will. However, when such an event takes place, it is best to be seen in a timely manner, even if you don’t have any symptoms yet. Proactive treatment can put the lid on a potential problem. The signs that you should be aware of in terms of pointing the way to our Bardonia root canal are pain, especially when you apply pressure to the tooth or chew using it; and sensitivity to hot foods and drinks or cold ones. There also may be gum tenderness or tooth discoloration. There are generally only two treatment options. You could have the tooth extracted, but that’s not preferable. You would end up with empty space that would need to be addressed with an artificial replacement. By far, the best option is our Bardonia root canal. It’s successful over 90% of the time, and your tooth will remain strong, healthy, and viable afterward.

Tooth pain should spur you to come in, but even a noticeable chip or crack should. The sooner you act, the better the chances are of a positive outcome. Contact us to set up a prompt appointment.

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