10954 family dentist

10954 Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in 10954

10954 family dentist
10954 family dentist

Here at the practice of Louis S. Sinatra, DDS, dental care for all ages is what we’re committed to. And that means a lot more than simply welcoming everyone. It means meeting the general needs of each age group and the specific needs of each individual. You can count on that for you and for your kids.

Our 10954 family dentist is pleased to offer a wide array of valuable services that range from the restorative to the cosmetic, including urgent treatments like root canal therapy and tooth extractions, done with expert precision and the benefit of advancements in techniques and equipment to ensure not only the best possible result, but your optimal comfort. However, there is no service that is more crucial than the simple and routine twice per year visit for a complete oral examination and a teeth cleaning. Everyone from the youngest children to our senior patients, should take advantage of the preventive qualities of this visit. That’s because no matter what your age, you are subject to the impact of dental plaque and tartar. No amount of treatment can make up for not coming in once per six months to see our 10954 family dentist. Our pediatric patients require focused care when it comes to the eruption of baby teeth through to when they fall out on their natural schedule only to be replaced by permanent adult teeth. During that time, it is essential to make sure that cavities are kept to a minimum, if not avoided entirely. And for all ages, we offer emergency treatment so you or your child will never have to wait when a serious dental matter arises.

Contact our office today and let us schedule a time for you or your child to be seen by our 10954 family dentist. Whether it’s for a regular checkup or to address an issue that is occurring right now, you can depend on gentle, expert care.

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